I have been collecting entertainment lighting and gear for 20 years.  Everything is top of the line and maintained by people in the top of their field.  Many of the lights in my collection have been discontinued and are extremely rare.  Other lights are modified or brand new and cutting edge. Every fixture has a custom road case and is ready to travel anywhere!

My entertainment lighting effects are in a different league than anything my competition has to offer!

With over 70 feet of truss and 4 Global Truss stands that can lift 880 lbs. of fully loaded truss to 13.2 feet.  I can create the ultimate nightclub atmosphere.  People love to DANCE UNDERNEATH !  SO COOL!

I have been adding to my collection because I LOVE great lights.  My new light shows are already proving to be the most entertaining light shows anywhere.  Over 1,000,000 people have checked them out on YouTube.

I have many many lights not listed here.  New to my collection is a mirrored multicolored cosmos ball,  Clay Paky Astrospider, a Satel UFO light.  a longthrow Wildfire blacklight, Clay Paky Astrofera balls, Cosmos Dice, and an extremely rare 1976 tricolor sparkling disco ball which is lit by two 50 watt Blizzard Lighting Rocklite Rayguns (you have to see it to believe it).  Every venue is different.  I never do the same setup twice.

Clay Paky Astrodisco I HAVE TWO OF THESE NOW!!!!  Yes two!!  SYNCRONIZED!!!

Clay Paky Vibrating Mirror Ball  (Vibrante)   This ball scribbles brilliant colors in every direction to the beat of the music.  Your lucky if you see just one before you die.  SUPER RARE AND BEAUTIFUL!

Active Green Laser Lights

Clay Paky Astroraggi I have 4 Astroraggis. These can add EXCITEMENT to any room.  Astroraggi projects 102 EXTREMELY BRIGHT constantly moving pencil beams that create a spectacular shower of light.  408 pencil beams if you add them all up.

Diversitronics strobe lights high speed alternating strobe lights.  Able to be fully dimmed but HELLA BRIGHT!

100 Feet of Chasing Flash Tubes Strobes chasing around you overhead at 140 mph  BAD ASS!

Avenger lights

Mars Tri Lite RF 110 Clear Dome Beacons

Nisel Spaghetti Light

UFO Minisaucer

Helicopter Lights

Mars Tri Lite Skybolt Beacons

Clay Paky Sweeper

Litelab Starburst lights

Meteor Sound and Lighting Shooting Star More pincil beams!

Programmi Sistemi Luce Rotostar

EZ-Fog NESS Fog Machine

70 feet Tri Truss

(too many rare lights to mention)

I mix and scratch using Traktor Scratch Pro DJM-600 Pro DJ Mixer with 4 modified Technics SL1200MK2 Turntables.  My turntables are mounted on the coolest DJ console in the world with built in Klipsch DJ booth sound system.

4 Mackie SR1530z 15″ 3-Way Powered Speakers  I HAVE 4 OF THESE FOR LARGE CROWDS

2 Mackie SWA1801Z 18″ Powered Subwoofers

Shure Beta 58 Wireless Microphones

Maintaining equipment:
Lights in Action:

This light show video got a lot of views worldwide but it’s retired now and I have even more amazing ideas for 2016.